“7” is lucky number for us …in general

( on where I am grown up …)

Of course many people love the number 1..

(… competitions : like gold medal ).

Also on our culture : number 4 ( maybe just 4 is fine but when we write in our language). I prefer to write optimistic way …. trying to avoid some specific words : so now I am writing vague :

Number 4 ( in our language) suggest ” end of life ) because of pronunciation / sounds .

People tend to feel frightened even when we say ” April ” . We don’t care.

Maybe on this modern time , not so many people do care than before .

Beside some other counties / cultures or religions : number 13 is not preferred and even there are no Number 13 hotel rooms exist sometimes ..( I don’t know how is the situations are changing now …),

We don’t care about number 13 .

Once upon a time there are horror films of the Friday 13 th : that made me very scared as a kid. Just reminded me.

Some years ago, I was staying somewhere on abroad some period and sometime I felt so tired even other time I tried to seek / experiences new also adapt the new environment as fast as possible .

I used to visit and stayed some times before , so relatively not that hard to remember / adopt myself to stay there .

I had to made decisions on my own … as I was traveling on my own (… that means , I kept asking some suggestions to some locals : or actually even tourists… they have information as travelers/ tourists even locals don’t know … or recognized). Although many people I encountered thought I had family or relative somewhere but not true ( many people were so surprised… and some even kindly told me emergent contact information).

Back to original topics.

Travels are interesting and fun mostly .

But the same time , we feel very tired and feel even sick ( … even we are living in the place very very familiar to .. we are down or even more worse sometimes).


I saw sometimes car with advertisement “call to 444-444-444….????”.

I was on somewhere abroad and I was almost forgotten my country/ cultures traditions (… if that very short , suppose I do remember … but that time , I thought totally forgotten ).

And another time , I saw the another advertisement ” call 444-444….”.

That make me somewhat even frightened .

But again , I had to cope to the situations even I was suffering sick or ill ( I already got strange Azuma or couldn’t recovered from flu ). I got medicines at drugstores but didn’t suit to me .

If I go to see a doctor, I will be charged a lot (… I know I was on travel insurance : that mean , later I can get money back … but not sure ).

I could cure my sick or ill especially ” strange Azuma and flu like symptoms ” after moving to another places .

I think that’s climate also ” pollution “:

I will write maybe another time .

Back to my home country and later , I was reading some books , and recognized, the number :

444… or something is ” good numbers “, even the book say , ” angel number “.

I am not following any specific religions honestly even I am grown up and educated what we called Shintoism ( and Buddhism).

Of course when I am visiting to shrine , I feel I have to be good person or especially when I feel somewhat hopeless, I do pray in my mind even when I am super fine , I don’t care that much and just enjoyed architectures of Shrines or functions (… I mean , I can see more logically … ).

But when I am quite down , again , I feel I need some guidances.

Also we tend to feel our birth day is extremely special for us ( each of ourselves ).

Some people say :

I am already old and I don’t care my birthday .

Even many people say , suppose most of people do remember (… even don’t care to celebrate or even want to ignore .. or always being happy to be celebrated).

Somehow so strange for me —

As a kid , I was so happy and look forward my birthday always . Then after certain ages , I have started being melancholic…

and even said to many people..

” please ignore my birthday ! I don’t need to be celebrated.. no gifts , no happy birthday expressions..,,!!”.

For longer period I have force myself ignored (.. suppose as a adults , we are on huge pressures).

But now I am actually changed my ideas .

Why I felt avoided to be celebrated (…?).

Furthermore…. for “myself ” I do care very much unconsciously .

And for other people…. not that’s special like New Year’s Eve/ day or new fiscal year / day .

Now just I am trying to pay attention or enjoy (… even nothing special great treats or gifts etc ) for Several celebration occasions .

If we are missing these occasions: special days ( some remember and others forgot.. that’s natural ).

Back to topics about Number .

Having special number is actually nice especially when we feel very down or sad or we are loosing way .


Stay warm – year of dog :-)

Still mid of Jan but I felt this new year has passing quick –.

Suppose even before 2018.. especially after Christmas period finished,
already talking about year of dog — ( repeating..).

Actually here, now is the period : one of the coldest climate of the year although day time has been longer. That make us somehow better but here in my country, end of March /beginning of April are the most busiest period .

Also on old calendar , just new years days are started ..
also beginning of Feb is “setsu-bun : 節分” early spring will start even it’s still snowing sometime.

So……always we can hear “end of new years sale” — then,
seems on some other counties , already companies are preparing for valentine days campaigns : especially on “sweet ” industries. Valentines days are one of the most popular period for chocolates and also now more varieties sweets. Many people buy for their selves actually.

Back to the original topics, we still need to concern on cold climate .

Also especially after winter holiday period, many people are suddenly get flu or suffering high fevers.

The method how to prevent from flu –( sometimes not easy —
but we should wear masks– even I was asking by many people especially tourists or guests : why in japan , everyone wear masks ? that’s nonsense.

Actually once upon a time, I also have believed the masks :
BUT now I really feel masks are very useful and good tool for keeping our mouth moistures . viruses of flu are very active on the dry climate also our throat are easy to be hurt and infected easy.

I have tried to keep warm on neck, ankles to keep warm.

Blankets are useful for multiple way of using.

On working on laptop etc. we are forgetting to keep warming ourselves as we tend to concentrate on working /typing …etc.

So we can use blanket for keep warm.

Some people feel “… look not cool..” but better to use than need to go to hospital later.

I have done some commission works —

as this year is year of DOG 🙂

— would like to introduce dog image works .

Also not only for yourself — suppose for children, nice to have them ..?


dog fleece blankets ! 

dog fleece blankets for sale

Some thought

Here frankly speaking…
Many people want to “ same / Sumilar brands “ Everyone having .

About art prints —
Nowadays possible to customize and create on our own .

Super easy .

But when we hand on artwalls on our living rooms …

Many people make prints but not large size as we have to see them everyday.

Especially for people living with several peole , we better to select everyone want to see on the space .

Beautiful landscape for relaxing or inspiration are unconsciously make your mind peaceful as well.

landscape canvas prints for sale